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Electric Parade ears

Regular price $45.00

These ears will make your next trip extra magical! Wear them as is or turn the lights on!! The brightly colored filament is also fluorescent, so they'll shine extra bright near black lights.

The battery packs of these ears are accessible so you can change the batteries when needed so you can use them for many, many trips.

This item has a 1" fabric covered headband with a custom rainbow sequin bow if you select our full permanent set. 

Head band colors may vary between black, navy blue, brown, off-white and grey. We select the color that best suits the design unless you specify your preference.

One size fits most.

Don't want a bow? Use code NOBOWBRO when you check out to confirm removal of the bow and get the price of the bow deducted.

EARS & BOW ONLY option: they will be interchangeable and include the ears & bow ONLY; they wouldn't include a headband. 
FULLY INTERCHANGEABLE SET: you will receive a full set of ears which include the ears, bow, & headband but all pieces will be interchangeable because of the light up system.

Both options allows you to swap all your interchangeable designs onto a single headband/hat.

Orders will ship within 10-14 business days.

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