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Interchangeable Headband (no ears or bow)

Sale price $5.00 Regular price $10.00

This listing is for a 1" fabric covered headband with our dual lock interchangeable system.

Interchangeable ears and a bow are not included with this listing.

Head band colors may vary between black, navy blue, brown, ivory and grey.

We will send you the color that best matches the ears you purchase with them unless you specify your preference.

One size fits most.

*Due to the way the headbands are created and shipped to us, specific colors fit differently. Typically, the black and ivory headbands have a tighter fit, the grey and brown headbands are a little looser giving them more of a medium fit and the navy blue headbands are typically larger than the other colors, so they have more of a large fit. Message us or let us know, in the comments section, if you need a specific size.

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